Month: April 2019

After another sleepless night, the last thing you want to hear the next day is “you look tired”. The solution? Fake it. With these 9 beauty products, no matter how much you’re struggling on the inside, you can count on your face not to give it away.
During the menopause, your skin can feel drier than a very long January. Why? Oestrogen levels drop and it’s this hormone that’s responsible for producing skin-smoothing collagen and hydrating oils. How to help?
Dry, tired skin - thank you menopause - is the last thing you need when you’re dealing with all the other symptoms. Yet as you enter your menopause years, chances are your skin has changed but your foundation probably hasn’t.
Fine. Good when it comes to weather, not so good when it comes to your hair. So the news that during the menopause we’re likely to suffer with hair thinning (as androgen levels drop) is hardly thrilling. But if you are seeing hair that’s lost body then there is good news.
We'd love to say we've found a good night's sleep in a jar, but no such luck. However, if night sweats and insomnia are leaving you feeling - and looking - knackered, we can suggest some overnight creams that can at least do a bit of restorative work while you're lying there counting sheep.
If your sex drive is missing in action, we know a woman who can locate it. Former nurse and sexual health advocate Samantha Evans runs online sex toy company Jo Divine and is determined to help us all get our mojo back.
We’ve grown up with Patsy Kensit, from her childhood debut in an advert for Bird’s Eye frozen peas, to her successful acting career. And let’s not forget the Cool Britannia years with Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. Now 51, she reveals how menopause made her feel she was losing her mind.
Chef Skye Gyngell won a Michelin star at Petersham Nurseries in London, then surprised everyone by suddenly leaving the restaurant. Looking back, she blames ‘menopause insanity’ and reveals how her whole life was turned upside down.


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