Jess Schuring

Jess is the founder of Heartcore Pilates, a thriving, global, life embracing community sharing in the power of positive movement. With daily classes taught across seven London studios as well as live/on demand classes online, you can experience Heartcore’s unique method from anywhere in the world.

Jess is also Meghan Markle’s favourite Pilates teacher. Other celebrity clients include Victoria Beckham, Elle McPherson and Robbie Williams.

Low impact by nature, Heartcore’s full body workout on its patented equipment ‘the Coreformer’ is energising, toning, strengthening, and calming at the same time.

Jess’s passion for changing lives is as powerful and bright as it was when she started Heartcore over 15 years ago after moving from LA to London. Having worked with thousands of people in various stages of life, she draws on her extensive experience and knowledge as well as her own journey towards midlife.

Articles by Jess Schuring


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