Rosie Green

The former Beauty Director of Red Magazine and Elle UK, Rosie Green writes on subjects from health to relationships via fashion and, of course, beauty. Currently a contributing editor at Red and spa columnist at The Telegraph, she also contributes to The Daily Mail, and has been interviewed by The Times. Rosie has collaborated with brands such as Clarins on video projects, and appeared on ITV’s This Morning. Rosie is the author of the bestseller How To Heal A Broken Heart, and can be found on Instagram here.

Articles by Rosie Green
During the menopause, your skin can feel drier than a very long January. Why? Oestrogen levels drop and it’s this hormone that’s responsible for producing skin-smoothing collagen and hydrating oils. How to help?
Dry, tired skin - thank you menopause - is the last thing you need when you’re dealing with all the other symptoms. Yet as you enter your menopause years, chances are your skin has changed but your foundation probably hasn’t.
Fine. Good when it comes to weather, not so good when it comes to your hair. So the news that during the menopause we’re likely to suffer with hair thinning (as androgen levels drop) is hardly thrilling. But if you are seeing hair that’s lost body then there is good news.


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