Saska Graville

Saska is the co-founder of Hylda and the former deputy editor of Red magazine. She writes regularly for The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, and is the author of best selling book London Style Guide. Despite a career in women’s magazines, she was clueless when menopause symptoms hit, and founded Hylda to ensure that others fare better than she did.

Articles by Saska Graville
The only UK menopause clinic to be rated "Outstanding" by the Care Quality Commission, Hylda's health partner My Menopause Centre offers expert advice and personalised care by phone or video. Read on to find out how its medical team can help you with your menopause symptoms.
Is there a link between ADHD and declining levels of oestrogen? Can ADHD get worse during menopause? Our medical colleagues at leading online clinic My Menopause Centre tell us more about ADHD in midlife, and how to manage your symptoms.


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