5 Facial Oils to Fix Dry Skin

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Face feeling parched? One beauty expert explains why she’s been a fan of facial oils for years, and how her midlife complexion is all the better for it

I have long been a fan of facial oils to help with dry skin, and have used one pretty much every night for the past 17 years.  At 59, my skin is not too shabby and I like to think my addiction oils has played a part in that.

Some women are worried about trying an oil on their skin in case they get spots. Or if you already have oily skin you might not want to smother it in oil. But I was told very early on by a facialist that your skin will only take in what it needs. So, some nights you’ll find that the oil has absorbed within 20 minutes, and others you can wake up in the morning and still feel its presence.

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Either way, I swear by facial oil as a night-time ritual and a perfect treat for your skin before putting it to sleep. I’m quite promiscuous when it comes to brands, and like to mix it up a bit, so the skin doesn’t get ‘used’ to one particular list of nutrients.

These are my current top five:

Sanctuary Spa 10 in 1 Super Secret Facial Oil, £20

Sanctuary Spa 10 in 1 Facial Oil

This was the first oil I ever used and it kickstarted my facial oil habit. I worked for the brand at the time, so was really thrilled when this launched as it was the only product in the range which was natural and 99% organic.

It looks as if it has been completely re-formulated since I first used it, and it’s probably now targeting a slightly less dry skin – so dare I say it a younger audience. This could also mean it’s good for nervous facial oil virgins.

It’s non-greasy and naturally fragranced with essential oils including soyabean, peach kernal, jojoba and wheatgerm.

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Nourishing Facial Oil, £49

Hydrating Nourishing Facial Oil

After a few years I graduated to Aromatherapy Associates Facial Oils as more of a treat. As my skin became dryer, I became addicted to its richness and fragrance of rose and patchouli.

The oil has a mix of evening primrose and rose to replenish vital moisture to dry skin. The patchouli, along with being an anti-inflammatory, just smells divine.

I highly recommend trying the brand’s set of minis (£53) to find the oil that suits you best – or better still to have a choice every night. These are also fantastic for travelling.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial Night Elixir, £54

Overnight Facial Night Elixir

This is the one that so many of my beauty industry peers rave about so I had to try it. (It also helps that Megan Markle is a Sarah Chapman fan.)

Sarah describes this as a ‘sophisticated power-potion combining cosmeceutical performance-proven actives with soothing anti-inflammatory omegas’.

It’s really beautiful to use. It’s a very light almost ‘serum’ texture so if you’re nervous about using an oil, this is also a good one to start with. It smells divine with a blend of natural fragrance of jasmine, frangipani, rose and tuberose.

The actives include anti-inflammatory omegas, de-ageing Vitamin A and many others to help rejuvenate, lift and increase the cells life span. This is definitely a staple on my roster of oils.

Votary Neroli and Myrrh Facial Oil, £65


We’re heading into real luxury territory here, and I had lusted after it for quite a while before treating myself. It’s now very much a part of my regular evening skincare regime.

There are only a few options within the range, and I went for the neroli and myrrh. It’s 100% natural and also vegan.

The neroli flower is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to balance oily and blemished skin. The myrrh oil calms inflamed and sensitive skin. The argan oil is rich in Vitamin E to provide the much-needed deep hydration.

The beauty of this one is that it’s good for those with oily patches as well as dry, as it’s able to treat both areas. I have certainly found as I hit my late 50s that I suddenly have oily patches appearing from nowhere!

Goldfaden MD Fleurressence, £105

Goldfaden MD Fleuressence_resized

I’m quite new to this one as I was introduced to this brand by one of my beauty PR friends. After falling in love with its Doctor’s Scrub, which is insanely good. I was keen to try the Fleuressence Facial oil. I love it.

This is the most expensive oil and I will probably only buy it once a year perhaps during the winter months when my skin is feeling really needy. It’s non-greasy and particularly targets ageing, dry skin so I feel it’s giving me exactly what I need.

Anti-ageing ingredients include a blend of active botanicals and fruit extracts. There are also natural oils such as baobab and kalhari to promote cellular renewal and restore hydration.

The brand advises that you can actually use this one morning and night if you have particularly dry skin, but I just use at night – I need it to last! 

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