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best makeup over 40
Makeup artist Wendy Rowe is the woman Posh Spice and Sienna Miller trust with their skin. She reveals the best makeup, skincare and hair tips for women over 40

Any general tips for best makeup for women over 40?

Always work on skincare first – once you have that right, makeup will be easier. Hydration is key, especially when it comes to foundations and concealers. You want to even out the skin tone but less is better.

What is the best makeup for women over 40?

I will always use a tinted moisturiser as opposed to foundation, something like the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Base, £23. I also use the Burberry Concealer, £28, as the texture is creamy without being too heavy. It’s all about getting the Burberry fresh glow and looking luminous.

For super long, voluminous lashes, the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara, £7.99 is great, as I don’t get any drop down from it. It’s my number one choice for super long lashes.

For my eyes I also use a brown Precision Eye Definer from Kevyn Aucoin, £26 under the lash line and smudged into top lash line.

I like to keep it simple, so I’ll finish with Max Factor’s Colour Elixir Lip Cushion Gloss in Spotlight Sheer, £9.99. If you want to add luminosity to the skin, the RMS Magic Luminizer, £36 is gorgeous and still subtle.

What are the key changes in a woman’s skin in her 40s and 50s?

You will notice a loss of collagen in your skin, so it won’t be as tight. You may also get discolouration, such as sun damage, becoming more prominent, as will rosacea and broken veins.

What effect does menopause have on skin and hair?

Every woman will be different, but some of the common signs are dehydration in the skin, bloating in the body and thinning of the hair.

What are your favourite skincare products to help 40-something skin?

It’s really about finding products that work for your skin type, but I do find that as you mature, skin leans towards the drier skin type. To keep skin looking youthful it needs to be hydrated and have a slight glow.

Any favourite products for that?

I love Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream, £205 as it repairs and regenerates skins cells. Also, Sensitive Cleansing Milk by Joelle Ciocco, €59.50, which really leaves skin clean without stripping away any of the skin’s natural oils.

Sarah Chapman Intense Hydration Booster, £64 is great when applied before your moisturiser in the morning. And the Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion masks, £46, are amazing for an intensive hydration boost if your skin is in need of a little extra TLC.

I love the Carita Progressive Neomorphose Smoothing Eye Care, £72, which is great before makeup application as it really smoothes out any fine lines around the eye area. If you prefer a lighter texture, the Sarah Chapman Eye Recovery, £48 is still really hydrating.

Any favourite hair products?

I really like the Kerluxe Re-Activisse Hair Lotion, €63, as it promotes growth, and their Multi-Tasking 360 Styling Cream, €41, is also gorgeous.

Sam McKnight Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo, £10, isn’t chalky and leaves hair looking gorgeously tousled – and it smells amazing. Not forgetting the classic Elnett hairspray, £3.79. For colour, I love the Josh Wood Colour range for at-home colouring. Its Blending Brush, £19, is great for coverage for those in between periods.

Any lifestyle changes to help skin and hair?

I always think it’s good to exercise, but working from within and also strengthening the core. Some great ways are with Pilates, yoga and gyrotonics. Things like bootcamps can be harsh on the body, so if you did want something more upbeat I would opt for tennis or keep it fun with a dance class!

As for food choices, make sure you get lots of omega, iron (you might find you need an iron supplement) and fresh seasonal vegetables, I have lots of recipes in my book eat beautiful, £20.

Do you have any favourite supplements and vitamins for 40-something skin and hair?

As before, Omega 3 plus flaxseed oil, which reduces inflammation, cod liver oil for the joints and Vitamin C.  

How have your attitudes to your own looks changed as you’ve grown older?

I’ve always looked after my skin and worked out and I’ve always made sure I eat fresh seasonal food. What I will say is that I have become kinder on myself and taken more time for my body as I’ve got older.

How has that skincare regime changed as you’ve got older?

It hasn’t changed much but as I travel more frequently I change my cleanser and moisturiser dependant on what my skin is feeling.
Who is your 40-something beauty icon – who is ageing beautifully?

We all age beautifully in our individual ways! Some stand out beauties for me are J-Lo, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria.

Do you have any favourite beauty or wellbeing treatments/procedures?

So many! You will find that age shows faster around the eyes and in the jaw area, so anything that tackles these areas are good.

I do like skin peels, but I’d advise getting them done in winter as skin can become sensitive for a short period after. The Dermalux LED light therapy at Sarah Chapman’s London clinic is great, from £40.

What about supplements?

There are also lots of great supplements out there. I have tried Lumity Life Day & Night Nutritional Supplements, £75, and really could see the difference in my skin. They are high in vitamins that the body needs to help fight signs of ageing.

Also, the Joshi Clinic has a large range of herbal blends as well as an amazing 21-day Holistic Detox Kit, £250. Imedeen Derma One, £64.99, is another great supplement for skin.

I feel Hylda when…

I feel good from the inside out.

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