The Best Vitamin C Products For Mature Skin

best vitamin C skincare
A midlife beauty kit needs to include vitamin C. Depleting levels in mature skin leave it looking dull and less firm. Here, the best vitamin C products to brighten and restore

When it comes to skincare, vitamin C is the holy grail. A potent antioxidant, it aids in the skin’s natural regeneration process. Vitamin C is particularly good for mature skin, although it is one of those rare ingredients that works for everyone, regardless of age or skin type.

As you get older, your skin’s natural levels of vitamin C drop off, leaving it looking and feeling dull and less firm. Adding a vitamin C product into your routine will stimulate collagen production, helping to improve elasticity and prevent wrinkles. It will also reduce inflammation and pigmentation. What’s not to like?

As a powerhouse antioxidant, vitamin C also protects the skin from external aggressors. Everyday, we are exposed to skin-damaging free radicals generated by environmental factors like UV rays and pollution. Vitamin C will help to defend your skin against these threats.

When it comes to vitamin C, not all products are created equal. Here’s our list of the best vitamin C products for mature.

Oskia Super-C Smart-Nutrient Beauty Capsules, £62

oskia mature skin vitamin c

Containing a blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and tomato lycopene, Oskia’s Super-C Smart Nutrient Beauty Capsules work to give you bright, glowing, firmer skin that’s protected and hydrated. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable and these heart-shaped capsules preserve the serum oil, as well as being ideal for travel.

Zelens Power C Treatment Drops, £50

zelens mature skin vitamin c

The Zelens Power C Treatment Drops delivers vitamin C in a stable formulation, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about it losing potency over time. The serum enhances skin elasticity and brightens the complexion, as well as helping to reinforce the skin’s barrier function.

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Serum, £150

skinceuticals mature skin vitamin c

A firm favourite with beauty industry insiders, this SkinCeuticals serum combines phloretin, vitamin C, and ferulic acid to help diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone. Phloretin CF Serum is best for combination skin, while the brand’s C E Ferulic serum is ideal for drier skin types. 

Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, £85

dr sebagh mature skin vitamin c

Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant of all the vitamins but it starts to lose potency as soon it’s exposed to air – so as soon as you open the product. Dr Sebagh overcomes this problem by delivering its vitamin C in a powder form which you can then mix into your favourite serum and apply. One note of caution if you have sensitive skin: Your skin is more prone to react to a powder because it is more active, so something oil-based may be more suitable for you.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Face Oil, £34

Sunday riley mature skin vitamin c

The vitamin C in Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. Glow comes in the form of THD Ascorbate which is known to be one of the more stable types of vitamin C. It is also gentle, making it a great option for those with more sensitive mature skin. This oil also contains turmeric, which helps even out skin tone to leave it bright, hydrated, and glowing.

Medik8 C-Tetra Intense Serum, £35

medik8 mature skin vitamin c

Medik8 specialises in products for mature skin and is on a mission to demystify anti-ageing skincare. The C-Tetra Intense combines vitamins C and E to combat sun and pollution-induced damage. It will also stimulate collagen and elastin production to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C + 10% AHAs, US$88

tatcha mature skin vitamin c

This Tatcha brightening serum contains two types of vitamin C derivatives which are more gentle than L-Ascorbic Acid (pure vitamin C). It also has Japanese Beauty Berry, which is said to help to stabilise the formula and boost the vitamin C effectiveness. Plus, AHAs to help cell turnover. Good for all skin types it will work to soften and smooth for radiant skin. 

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