My Beauty Story: Azzi Glasser

Perfumer Azzi Glasser creates bespoke fragrances for A-listers, but what does she love for herself when it comes to beauty? She shares her favourites.

Azzi is an award-winning perfume designer. She specialises in creating bespoke groundbreaking fragrances for the world’s top fashion designers, beauty brands, royalty, Hollywood actors, musicians and artists. The likes of Helena Bonham Carter (“We really do have fun and lots of laughs,” says Azzi of the actress), Jude Law and Orlando Bloom have all used an Azzi fragrance to help them get into character. Kylie Minogue raves that her fragrances are “absolutely divine”.

This level of personalisation and customisation doesn’t come cheap. Although the £15,000 price tag didn’t stop Cindy Crawford’s husband ordering a bespoke blend for the supermodel’s 50th birthday. (We like your style, Rande.)

Luckily, Azzi also has a more accessible collection of fragrances. The Perfumer’s Story is a collection of women’s, men’s and unisex fragrances.

“My fragrance compositions are based on ‘Character and Style’,” says Azzi of The Perfumer’s Story. “Each with an artistic story and reference. I have been fortunate to have worked over the years with so many incredible personalities that herald their unique style. I could see there was a demand for educating consumers with fragrances that would match and suit their own individual DNA with a real spice of originality. I wanted to create the ultimate finishing touch that would be adored by others, totally loyal to the wearer and evoke memories for years to come.”

We love Azzi’s attitude to beauty, so we asked her to share her own favourite products, including The Perfumer’s Story fragrance that speaks to her. It’s a glorious list.

Charlotte Tilbury, Hollywood Contour Wand, £29

Hollywood contour wand

When I first discovered the Contour Wand by the brilliant Charlotte Tilbury, it was certainly my new wonder-product. I love how it feels so lightweight and easy to apply whilst seamlessly creating a natural contour.

It shapes and defines my cheekbones with effortless finesse, and the colour match is utterly perfect. Running a business and being a mother of two boys means there is minimal time for makeup. The fact I only have five minutes a day to get ready means this product is wholly essential.

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de Mamiel, Autumn Facial Oil, £80

de mamiel autumn

As you get older your skin face changes. Add in the menopause, and I’ve definitely had to dedicate a little bit more care to my skin.

I’ve been using the magical de Mamiel face oils for a few years now and my skin thanks me thoroughly. Annee (founder of de Mamiel) has this ability to assess what your skin truly craves and how to treat it the way it needs using perfectly formulated serums that have constantly changing climates in mind.

As I write this, I’m using the Autumn Facial Oil. I find Autumn is a crucial time, where your skin really needs quite a bit of repair and nourishment after a summer of sun exposure. Combined from a smorgasbord of the finest plant-based age defying ingredients, this masterful serum has certainly got my back in preparation for winter.

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The Perfumer’s Story, Sequoia Wood Eau de Parfum, £95

Sequoia Wood

Finding your signature fragrance DNA match is like falling in love. It’s also one less thing to worry about in life!

For the past 15 years, this has been my ultimate bespoke fragrance. I always found it difficult when it came to creating my own signature perfume due to my constant creation of many various formulations and testing them on myself.

The way I create fragrances is according to an individual’s personality and style. For myself, I knew it had to be a refreshing and woody fragrance with an aura of sensuality that wasn’t absurdly sweet or floral. I did this using a harmonious balance via the heritage notes of incense, oud and musk.

The fragrance also had to reflect my creative and edgy side too which was also challenging. Almost every time I leave the house, I am not more than a metre from my signature elixir and receive multiple comments daily.

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La Perla lipstick, £47

La Perla

I really would love to be a red lipstick girl however it is just not for me. So I love wearing a nude lip as it brilliantly suits my skin tones all year round.

I’ve always found my lipstick playing a large role within my roster and simply cannot go without it. It truly is the ultimate finishing touch when doing my makeup.

This ultra-elegant presentation, in unison with the vegan and cruelty free formulation, leaves me feeling VIP throughout the day without drying up my lips.

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Portrait of Azzi Glasser by Chuck Noble.

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