My Beauty Story: Eve Cameron

When you’re a Beauty Director with access to any and every product you want to try, which are the ones you really swear by? Eve Cameron’s must haves are well worth investing in, because they really do work.

She’s one of the most respected Beauty Directors in the business, and she’s a menopausal woman, so Eve Cameron’s favourite beauty products and treatments are of huge interest to all of us midlifers. And her picks don’t disappoint.

As the Beauty Director for Good Housekeeping, Red and Prima magazines, Eve understands exactly what works – and what doesn’t – on our ageing skin. We trust her knowledge and her expertise – and we’re certainly planning on shopping a few of her list, below.

Over to you, Eve.

Medik8 Advanced Day Ultimate Protect SPF50, £59


It’s not new news but wearing sun protection every day is the way to more even toned, fresher looking skin. I’ve always avoided moisturisers with built in protection in the past as the SPF (which protects against UVB) was invariably too low and UVA filters were rarely included.

But there’s a new generation of day creams which offer not only high factor broad spectrum protection, but anti-oxidants to give a second line of defence mopping up the free radicals that get past the filters (no sunscreen is a total block). They have other skincare actives to fight hyperpigmentation and protect cell DNA. Oh and they moisturise of course!

Medik8’s Advanced Day Ultimate Protect SPF50 has the lot – high protection, antioxidants, DNA repair enzymes and squalane and hyaluronic acid for hydration. It’s also not sticky, but light and sheer so plays nicely with makeup – no piling! 

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Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting, £46


I have more serums than pairs of shoes (which is saying something because I do love shoes) and vary them according to what my skin needs. Broadly I’ll use something with vitamin C AM and retinol PM, though I’ve just finished Skin W1 London’s Collagen Stimulating Serum, £95, which contains a copper amino acid complex with plenty of data backing up its effects on collagen production. The price is eye- watering but it’s really good stuff – my skin definitely looks firmer, calmer and fresher.

The serum I always return to however is this one from Caudalie. Vine sap, traditionally used by grape pickers in the South of France to protect their skin,  is its magic ingredient. It both fades dark spots and helps prevent new patches of hyperpigmentation. I use it over the summer and love how it leaves my skin clear, bright and glowing.

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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick SPF 25, £30

Bare Minerals

In midlife, a concealer is your best friend whether you want to minimise dark undereye shadows, cover blemishes or hide redness. I wear concealer where needed and go without foundation. Nars and Shiseido make some of the best, but my everyday go-to is this Bare Minerals stick.

It’s designed as foundation but works for me as concealer dabbed around the nose and on my cheeks where there’s redness, and on spots (another little gift of menopause). It’s a water- based formulation which never looks dry and cakey. I rate Bare Minerals’ shade range too as the undertones seem well considered. I’ve found my perfect shade anyway.

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Schwarzkopf Brow Tint, £6.99 

Brow Tint

Just like my natural lip colour, the colour of my brows has faded with age. There’s a few greys in them too. Whilst I have brilliant brow pencils, powders and gels, I got out of the habit of applying makeup on a daily basis during the lockdowns and decided to tint my brows instead, even though I am not one for DIY, much preferring to go to a salon for just about everything.

This Schwarzkopf brow tint was a revelation though as it’s so easy to use. It’s simply a case of mix, apply, wait, remove – and it covers greys. The shade range could be expanded as there are only four and to cover greys you need to leave it on longer which means the colour is more intense, but a strong brow does look youthful…

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Peep Club Heated Eye Wand, £60

Peep Club

Who knew dry eyes were a menopausal symptom? I didn’t until I noticed my eyes were becoming increasingly red, tired and irritated (though admittedly that could also be a result of increased screen time thanks to changes in my work patterns due to the pandemic).

In any case, I’m currently rather obsessed with the modern eyecare brand Peep Club and in particular with their Heated Eye Wand. The gadget combines a warming effect, like a hot compress, with vibrational massage to unblock the glands in the lids to better lubricate the eyes. It gets the lymph drainage going too, so it de-puffs and they’ve added a red light mode to treat fine lines. Relaxing to use, efficacious, I love it.

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Photograph of Eve Cameron by David Venni.

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