My Beauty Story: Shavata Singh

Eyebrow guru to the stars Shavata Singh shares the beauty products she swears by for herself

If brows are the scaffolding of any great face, then Shavata Singh is the architect you want in charge. Using the ancient Asian art of threading, she expertly shapes eyebrows to accentuate face structure and enhance the natural beauty of each client. 

This natural approach to eyebrow grooming has gained her a devoted following over the years, with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Elle Macpherson putting their brows in her safe hands. In 2004, Shavata opened her first studio in Harrods in London with products quickly following and duly selling out. 

Since then, Shavata London Studios has grown to 10 locations in the UK and Ireland where they offer the best in brow and lash treatments. Shavata herself has been honoured with numerous awards including Businesswoman of the Year at the London Business Awards and featured in magazines and newspapers including The Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Guardian.

Over to you, Shavata.

Shavata Singh London Brow and Lash Strengthener, £22

I love this product. When you get to my vintage, the hairs on your brows and lashes start to get finer, so it makes sense to use a natural product. The Castor oil is organic, cold press and British. It is the finest castor oil you can buy.

Being a natural product you will not get instant results but a result well worth waiting for. Use every night on your brows and as an eyeliner for the lashes. With the roller ball applicator, it’s very easy to use.

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Sisley Sisleya Eye Lip Contour Cream, £155

I have always believed all anti-ageing creams, whether face, neck or eyes, are a prevention not a cure. To stop wrinkles anywhere on the body, you need to start using anti-ageing creams before the fine lines start. 

During mid-life I have certainly noticed the area under my eye is much drier, so investing in a good eye cream has been a saviour for me.  Keeping the eyes looking fresh, hydrated and smooth is a must for a smooth and bright look that doesn’t appear ageing.

I’ve been using Sisley products for 25 years. This eye cream is rather expensive but it literally does everything I need it to. It de-puffs, firms, brightens and even comes with a handy massage tool to keep the area super smooth and fresh before application.

I also take my eye cream around my brow line and around the corners of my eye. People often just go for under the eye, but it’s important to treat the whole eye area. You can also use this cream around the lip area, to keep the lip edges looking and feeling smooth. A great product.

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Modern Botany Natural Deodorant , £25

Not only do I love this product, but I love the whole ethos of this brand. Creating products that are kind to our bodies, and to the planet too – something I have become much more aware of in recent years.

This is a plant-based deodorant that is just as powerful as any other on the market that uses unwanted chemicals. It’s easy decision to make the switch!

The packaging is so beautiful and is made from 100% recycled glass. Really sleek and modern. Finally, it’s a deodorant that doubles up as a body spray too, so really handy to keep in my bag all day.

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Saira Skin Hydrating Face Oil, £52

Hydrating Face Oil

I absolutely love a facial oil. It works so much better for me than a moisturiser for keeping my skin hydrated and smooth, particularly as my face has become a little drier in my 50s.

This amazing facial oil from Saira Khan is packed full of incredible natural and organic ingredients and leaves my skin super hydrated. It’s not greasy at all, so my SPF and base layer go on really smoothly with no slip. I also use it on any dry patches across my elbows and hands as an instant moisture boost.

To get a fine layer of oil at night time, I add a few drops of water to the product and massage my face in an upward direction. This brings blood to the surface, which is food for the skin. It means my skin always looks bright and healthy in the morning. 

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Wear Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand, £29

I love how a good highlighter can give the face an instant look of radiance and natural glow.  It’s an immediate pick me up and this one is always in my makeup bag.

It gives a glossy and natural finish and sits on the skin beautifully. Nothing worse than a glittery highlighter that can end up accentuating the areas I don’t want it to! The spongey applicator allows for easy and quick application too. It’s my go to for any and every occasion. 

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