My Beauty Story: Susanne Kaufmann

The brand founder and sustainable beauty pioneer shares the products she’s passionate about, and encourages us all to celebrate healthy ageing.

Beauty founder Susanne Kaufmann wasn’t supposed to be in this industry – her original career path was in hotels. She certainly didn’t plan to be a pioneer in natural, sustainable skincare.

At just 23, Susanne took over her family’s business, Hotel Post Bezau, in Austria. One of her first projects was to develop the hotel’s spa. She realised that a cosmetic line was needed to complement the spa’s signature beauty treatments – and her new career as a beauty product developer was born. 

A childhood in the Austrian Alps gave Susanne a passion for the environment. She translated the beauty and wellness benefits of local plants into her eponymous product line. Pioneering sustainable manufacturing methods are also key.

It’s no surprise that favourites from the skin, bath and body products have made it into Susanne’s kit of beauty swear-bys – alongside some other very special beauty treats. She tells us why these five products are at the top of her list.

Kjaer Weiss Translucent Powder, £31

Growing up in the Alps, I would make healing tonics with my grandmother. We would walk up the mountains to collect wild plants that could be found in abundance and bring them home to make our own products, such as marigold cream. It was a two-hour weekly ritual and I always loved it. 

This is where my love for beauty and natural ingredients came from. Skin is the important base, but I like to play with makeup.

This translucent powder by Kjaer Weiss is always with me when I have a busy day of meetings or a big event. It works on all skin types and skin tones. The organic formula helps mattify shine but enhances a beautiful healthy glow for the skin. I also love that this powder is refillable; it’s luxury that is kinder to the planet. 

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Susanne Kaufmann Renewing Day Cream, £185

Susanne Kaufmann Renewing Day Cream

Ageing is a beautiful process. We should celebrate healthy ageing, instead of constantly fighting the inevitable.

This cream is my daily go-to and a staple in my morning regime. I wanted to create something that was lightweight and could still work well under makeup, whilst protecting skin from stress and promoting a youthful, healthy glow.

The formula harnesses local medicinal plants and combines them with scientific knowledge to teach the skin how to renew its own natural processes and restore skin health. It makes the skin work harder for itself, enhancing cellular renewal and protecting the skin against stress.

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Susanne Kaufmann Eye Rescue Serum, £80

Susanne Kaufmann eye serum

I was inspired to develop this product during a trip to New York. It was a busy day of meetings and I felt I really needed something to not only rejuvenate the skin around my eyes, but that also had a cooling and refreshing feeling to help invigorate the skin.

Formulated with green coffee extract, hawthorn, hyaluronic acid and baobab, the eye serum helps to plump the skin around the eye area and has an energising effect on tired-looking eyes

It’s a real hero product – my eyes still look fresh and well-rested the next day.

I use this serum below the eyes and then apply a layer of our Rejuvenating Eye Cream to the outer corner of my eye, applying any remaining product to the upper eyelid. The combination of both products helps to minimise fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness and keeps my eyes looking fresh and alert. 

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Byredo Bal d’Afrique Eau de Parfum, £127

Byredo Bal d’Afrique Eau de Parfum

It is an ancient tradition that originates from my home in the Bregenzerwald region of Austria, that you welcome guests with incense. I believe that certain scents can help refresh the energy in the room, and fragrances we wear can really help to lift and enhance our mood.

I’m very particular when it comes to fragrances, and find myself more often than not, reaching for the Byredo fragrance, Bal D’Afrique.

I love the meaningful story behind this scent (inspired by the Byredo founder Ben Gorham reading his father’s diaries of travelling in Africa) and the long-lasting power of the fragrance. It always leaves me feeling my best self.

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Aqua Vivo Essence, 49 Euros

Aqua Vivo Essence

I am the fifth generation to join my family hotel, Hotel Post Bezau in Austria. It was originally known as a ‘cure’ hotel as the word ‘spa’ did not exist in those times. The philosophy of the hotel was about caring for clients and enhancing their lives by sharing our values of positive physical and mental wellbeing. I carry on this philosophy to this day.

Aqua Vivo Essence is a special plant-based concentrate that is sold exclusively at the hotel. It helps restore balance to body and soul. Just a few drops are enough to provide a wonderful wellness experience.

The aromas of saffron, rosemary, balm and pepper are a source of energy and ensure a day full of vitality. I love the holistic benefits of this essence, it helps keep me balanced throughout the day. It also makes a very thoughtful gift for a loved one if you are in need of inspiration.

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