New Glossier & Other Best Beauty Products This Month

From clear, bright skin with Glossier’s newest face wash to ultra-hydrating lip treatments, we bring you the lowdown on the latest products that we’ve been loving this month

Every month we bring you the lowdown on the latest products and trends that we’ve been loving. From buzzy launches like the new Glossier cleanser – it’s first in five years – to new discoveries, these are the best of what has come across our beauty desk this month.

FOR BRIGHT CLEAR SKIN: Glossier Cleanser Concentrate, £18


The newest addition to the Glossier family and the brand’s first cleanser in five years, Cleanser Concentrate is a clarifying face wash perfect for a deep clean. Vegan and cruelty-free, the formula is powered by naturally derived plant extracts.

Niacinamide works to strengthen the skin barrier and stimulate collagen production. Chamomile flower water soothes and an exfoliating blend of lactic and malic acids brighten dull, midlife skin leaving you with a smoother, more even-looking complexion.

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TO HYDRATE DRY LIPS: Laneige Lip Treatment Balm, $25

Lip mask

As you go through menopause, hormonal changes can mean your skin becomes drier and thinner, including your lips. To keep them hydrated throughout the day, Laneige has launched a daytime version of its bestselling Lip Sleeping Mask. Coconut in the formula moisturises and softens, while peptides smooth lines and give the appearance of fuller lips. 

Another great lip balm launch this month comes from Lanolips which has added a watermelon summer edition (£8.99) to its 101 Ointment line-up. Created with lanolin, an ointment that mimics skin oils to restore moisture, the watermelon version also comes packed with vitamin E to boost hydration even more.

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FOR THINNING BROWS: Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat, £22

Charlotte Tilbury

Ageing hair follicles can lead to hair looking thinner and more sparse. This is true of the hair that makes up your eyebrows as well as that on your head.Cheat the appearance of full, defined brows with Charlotte Tilbury’s new Brow Cheat.

Available in a range of eight shades, the refillable microtip angled pencil glides on smoothly to mimic natural brow hairs in sparse areas. Follow up with the brand’s new sculpting gel Brow Fix (£19), to keep everything in place.

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BE CLEAN GUILT-FREE: Forgo Hand Wash, from £20


Sustainable products have had a bad rep in the past, long associated with health food stores and crunchy, leafy branding. But a new generation of brands are emerging that are as chic as they are eco-friendly offering up plastic-free products that look good on your counter and also make you feel good.

Forgo has created a powder to liquid hand wash that is delivered plastic-free. Not only is the packaging recyclable and compostable, but by removing the water the brand has hugely reduced its carbon impact.

Meanwhile, showering plastic-free has become even easier. New brand Plus has created a zero-waste shower gel (£16.50) that is completely dissolvable. Entirely eliminating the use of bottles, dehydrated paper sheets are filled with an aloe leaf and shea butter formula, and transform into body wash once water is added.

KANKAN is on a mission to make refillable beauty mainstream. The brand offers reusable glass bottles that you keep long-term and top-up with refills that arrived in fully recyclable cans (from £15).

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