Menopause & Me: Patsy Kensit

We’ve grown up with Patsy Kensit, from her childhood debut in an advert for Bird’s Eye frozen peas, to her successful acting career. And let’s not forget the Cool Britannia years with Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. Now 51, she reveals how menopause made her feel she was losing her mind.

How do you use your Patsy Kensit instagram platform @consciouspubertypatsykensit to open up the menopause conversation?

I speak to women on Instagram who are going through the same as I went through. It really helps to be able to discuss the menopause with like-minded women. Instagram is a great platform and a safe place for women going through their conscious puberty.

When did your menopausal symptoms start?

I had to have an emergency hysterectomy when I was 45. I woke up from the operation with all the symptoms of the menopause – it was absolute hell.

What were your symptoms?

After the operation I had a dry mouth and forgetfulness; halfway through a conversation I would have no idea what I was talking about. I had hot flushes and really bad sleep patterns. I thought I was seriously losing my mind; I had always had a great memory. I felt really, really scared.

What has been the biggest challenge?

None of my friends were going through the menopause when I was. They may have been perimenopausal but I think even they were shocked at my symptoms. Sadly, my symptoms, like stuttering, were judged wrongly by people who should know better, who I hear are now struggling with similar symptoms. (Editor’s note: Media reported “Patsy Kensit slurred and stuttered her way through interview.)

I had hot flushes and really bad sleep patterns. I thought I was seriously losing my mind

What got you through?

Finding the right medication for me, which is bioidentical hormone replace therapy, tailored according to my blood results by Dr Amalia Annaradnama at The London Hormone Clinic. I tried conventional HRT but one-size-fits-all didn’t work for me, although I know it does for many women. Now I really feel like the person I was pre-operation. (Editor’s note: this sort of compounded bio-identical HRT is Patsy Kensit’s preferred medication route but is not licensed by the NHS. The NHS prescribes body identical HRT.)

Any other lifestyle changes?

Vitamin D, eating healthy, exercise and drinking celery juice everyday – it’s the best kept secret. I now feel like I did prior to the hysterectomy, it’s such a relief. I really thought those symptoms were the new me. I was terrified it was going to continue forever.

Were there any positive symptoms?


Vitamin D, eating healthy, exercise and drinking celery juice everyday – it’s the best kept secret

Best advice you received?

Being told to make an appointment with Dr Amalia asap!

What you wish you’d known?

Prior to the operation I wish I had known that I was going to be facing the extreme symptoms almost immediately when I woke up in the intensive care unit. But equally, I guess nothing is going to prepare you for those symptoms.

The impact on your daily life?

I became terrified to drive. I had been driving since I was 17 but I just couldn’t bring myself to get behind the wheel. Thankfully that’s all changed now.

The impact on the people in your life?

A few numbers in my phonebook were very judgemental and as I said, I hear they are now really struggling – I wish them all the best.

What you’d do differently.

I wouldn’t do anything differently now, I’m living the life I lived before the hysterectomy.

What you say to other women about the menopause?

Hang in there. If you can find a doctor to read your blood, do it. (Editor’s note: Patsy Kensit’s private clinic approach will be different to the NHS route. Blood tests are not always necessary.) And be sympathetic to others going through the menopause. It’s like going through puberty. It’s called the change for a reason; just like the way you change when you have your first period.

Your menopause was….

Really tough but I’ve come through the other side to tell the tale.

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