My Midlife Survival Kit: Rosie Green

Beauty editor and Life's Rosie writer Rosie Green needs fairy lights, waterproofs and a milk frother to make her day.

Did anxiety sneak up on you in the midlife, perimenopause years? It might feel like a mid life crisis, but it’s your hormones going haywire – and many of us are blindsided by it.

We’ve asked some of our favourite women to share the things that keep them sane and happy in midlife. A beauty product – or in Rosie’s case milk frother – may not solve a mid life crisis, but it helps!

Beauty editor and Life’s Rosie author Rosie Green takes us through her essentials.

Protected Species waterproof mac, £225

Midlife Survival Kit

These waterproof macs are amazing. They really are waterproof and not only that, they’re really sleek and stylish. You look really nice in them, so you can go for a walk and not feel completely horrific. And they keep you warm and dry. 

White Company Cascading Fairy lights, £60

Midlife Survival Kit

I’m absolutely obsessed with fairylights. They give me cheer and get me through the winter. I particularly like these long ones from The White Company. They are a bit pricey but I’ve found them to be a good investment because they’ve lasted me for years. 

Bodum milk frother, £9

Midlife Survival Kit

My cousin bought me one and it feels like I can have a proper lattes and hot chocolates when I can’t go to a cafe. Brings a bit of the cafe to me. Gives me a bit of joy in my life. 

Clarins Tonic bath and shower gel, £21

Midlife Survival Kit

I’ve never found anything nicer than this shower gel. It cheers me up every morning. It’s got that aromatherapy spa-like smell that makes it a treat. But actually, it gives me a real life each time I use it. 

Snow Finel merino leggings, £80

Midlife Survival Kit

I wear these every day in the winter. In lockdown I’ll definitely be living in them. They’re lovely, flattering wool leggings, with a stripe down the side that makes your legs look longer. Incredibly comfortable, perfect for lockdown month. 

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