My Midlife Survival Kit: Arabella Greenhill

When you are middle aged you know the things that really make you happy. For Creative Director and ceramicist Arabella Greenhill that includes meditation, a podcast and a must-have candle.

When you are middle aged, the world starts to look at you a little differently. When you are middle aged, people expect you to behave like a grownup. As we know at Hylda, there are no hard and fast rules about menopause and ageing… and there are as many ways of approaching it as there are women. And anyway, isn’t being middle aged just a state of mind?

We’ve asked some of our favourite women to share the things that get them through. So, what is the perfect midlife survival kit? For creative director and ceramicist Arabella Greenhill it includes inspiration for the mind, calm for the soul, soothing unguents for the body and laughter. A lot of laughter. We think she’s got midlife nailed.

Headspace Meditation App, £49.99 per year

Headspace when you are middle aged

As someone who thrives on having a list of things to do and finds it hard to sit still and relax, meditation has been life changing for me.

I started with a beginner’s course nearly a year ago and was sceptical, having tried several times before without enjoying it or being able to make it a habit. I started with five minutes per day which felt like a lifetime, and built up from there.

I now do 20 minutes every morning without fail. On the rare days I don’t, I really feel I respond and react very differently to situations. And not in a good way. I can’t recommend this enough.

Fortunately with Fi and Jane, free

Fi & Jane Fortunately

I love my weekly dose of Fi and Jane’s podcast on a Friday for general midlife chit chat, musings, great guests and the latest update about Jane’s new kitten Dora.

It’s funny, frank, honest, entertaining and intelligent. Dear Fi and Jane, please can I come and hang out with you and be your friend?

L:A Bruket Coriander Scented Candle, £49.50

LA Bruket

Having always sworn I was a Diptyque woman (who doesn’t love Baies), I was kindly given an L:A Bruket Coriander candle a few years ago. I’ve been obsessed ever since.

This is my all time favourite candle and believe me I’ve tried a few over the years. The fragrance is just incredible. On dark mornings the first thing I do is light this and the scent fills the room. It’s an expensive treat but worth every penny for the joy, calm and happiness it brings me.

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, £18.50


I just love this stuff and I’ve been using it for years. I adore the texture, the scent and how easy it is to apply. It’s the only body cream that stops my scaly dry skin from being, well, scaly and dry!

I’ve tried so many alternatives but nothing else ever comes close. Added bonus: You can get dressed straight away without it sticking to your clothes. This is the beauty habit I am never giving up.

Wellness Formula, £11.99

Wellness Formula

These are like magic. A hint of a sore throat or feeling a little run down? A couple of these will help boost your immune system and prevent whatever you felt you were coming down with vanish.

They are pretty strong so I only take two at a time rather than the three they prescribe. Warning: They taste disgusting, but so worth it.

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