My Midlife Survival Kit: Bobbi Brown

Wellbeing essentials for a middle aged woman include great workout leggings, an inside out beauty boost and an inspiring podcast. So says beauty legend Bobbi Brown. We agree.

Makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown is a middle aged woman at the top of our inspiring midlifers list. Not content with launching her eponymous beauty brand, she has recently debuted Jones Road, a collection of clean, high performance cosmetics that we love. Why is it called Jones Road, you may ask? Good question. After a street name that Bobbi spotted on her SatNav. Yes, really.

Bobbi’s survival kit is packed with essentials that keep her active, energised and looking her best. Think chic activewear and the ultimate beauty cocktail. We’re sold!



I really like Peloton. I love the ease and the convenience of taking classes. It doesn’t take up a ton of space or make a lot of noise either.

I take a 30-minute spin class once or twice a week, usually in the mornings. I also love their strength, stretch and yoga classes, which I get to do from the comfort of my own home for a quick energy boost. I try to get in at least one class a day, as well as walking with my dogs, and using the infrared sauna in my backyard afterwards – if I have time. 


New Rules of Aging Well

I love this book by Danielle Claro and Dr. Frank Lipman. It uses ancient wisdom and modern science to teach an interesting approach to ageing both strongly and beautifully, as well as how to feel good all the while.

Plus, a major focus of the book is how to build your immune system, which is something that I always focus on, and something that is especially relevant right now. I have been seeing Dr. Lipman as a physician for years, and his words of wisdom have definitely impacted my lifestyle for the better – and this book is no exception.


Evolution 18

I start my day with a few glasses of water, and I end it with a cup of herbal tea. In between, I try to drink as much water as possible, which really makes a difference to how I feel. Kale, alfalfa and spinach are also great for your skin, as they support and increase collagen production, and they’re full of antioxidants.

I have a daily protein shake, either for breakfast or as an afternoon boost. I like a chocolate shake, which I make with cacao, frozen greens, fruit, and EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Blend, to make it extra satisfying. I truly believe the better you take care of yourself on the inside, the better you look on the outside. 


How I Built This Guy Raz

I listen to podcasts when I walk, which is a lot, given that I aim for 12,000 steps every day. I love The Daily for news and How I Built This with Guy Raz for business, which tells amazing entrepreneurial stories.

If you think of any great brand, its founders all have stories – some are really tough, and some are fascinating. I find these stories inspiring. I love many of the health and wellness podcasts as well. I have just started my own podcast, called Beyond the Beauty, in which I enlist top-notch experts across the fields of makeup, wellness, fashion, and entrepreneurship in search of the real meaning of beauty. I’m thrilled to share just how uncomplicated beauty can be on this new platform.


Running Bare

I am very simple and basic when it comes to my wardrobe. I found my perfect underwear from Negative, my favorite black t-shirt from Baserange, and I’m still working on my favourite blue jeans. I guess you could say I’m all about a uniform.

For working out, the right clothing is key. I wear the Running Bear Flex Zone Tight – they’re thick and stretchy and great for all workouts. I also like Lululemon for leggings. It is also important to find the right sports bra to get the best support. I love the sports bras by Wacoal. And my most comfortable sneakers are the Asics Gel-Kayano 5 360s – even if you aren’t working out. 

Bobbi Brown’s wellness supplement range, EVOLUTION_18, is available exclusively at Boots online and in select stores in the UK. To find out more about Bobbi, go to

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