My Midlife Survival Kit: Lucinda Chambers

The celebrated fashion director Lucinda Chambers shares a few of her favourite things.

What do you do for a second act when you have had one of the most celebrated fashion directing careers in the world (not an exaggeration). Well, if you are Lucinda Chambers, ex fashion director of British Vogue and Elle, you follow your passions… and launch a few businesses along the way.

Lucinda’s signature love of colour, texture and culture kick started cult fashion brand Colville, alongside Molly Molloy and Kristin Forss, in 2018. Her belief that style trumps fashionability and that great pieces can be found at every price is foundational to the success of Collagerie, her stunningly curated website that helps you find ‘the one thing over everything’.

Lucinda is famous for unearthing beautiful finds everywhere from the high street to street markets. Add to this her passion for home interiors, for and you have the perfect woman to give us her midlife survival kit.

De Mamiel Fatigue Fix, £95

I take more care of my skin these days than ever before, which I know is not the right way around.

I love this brand, not only because my skin feels really healthy after using this but also the ethos behind it. Their sleep products are part of my sleep ritual and have become a vital part of winding down and switching off.

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Colville Stripe Blanket, £425

I am a massive fan of a blanket, which is a relatively new concept for me. It’s the best way to change up a sofa and a bed, and also gives me permission to have a nap!

Napping and pottering, very important for the mind. To pull up a blanket that sits on the end of your bed just for 10 minutes… I mean, what’s not to love!

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Smythson Soho Diary, £180

I have had a Smythson diary now on the go for about 25 years. This is the perfect size as I can see what I am doing a week at a glance, and it’s got room for notes.

I am still very much a To Do-lister, so I really would be lost without this.

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Dr Jackson’s Everyday Oil, £39

I love a face oil, especially when I don’t have meetings or at the weekend when I can put it on and leave my face alone for the day.

Face downtime is very important.

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Polkra x Katie Scott Ondine Candle, £55

Maybe it’s the season but I’ve taken to lighting candles when I get home. They change the mood, smell divine and feel indulgent. I’m not saving them ‘for best’ anymore. It’s my new thing, plus, you have a wonderful pen pot at the end of it.

Add It To Your Midlife Survival Kit

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