My Midlife Survival Kit: Nikki Tibbles

With her Wild At Heart floristry empire and her charitable foundation for rescue dogs, Nikki is kept very busy. Her key to midlife sanity? Energy healing and the right brand of teabags.

Passion drives everything Nikki Tibbles does. One of the UK’s most inspired florists, Nikki’s company Wild At Heart, is known for creating work that is at once opulent and personal, often tapping into the spirit of the English countryside (her Hedgerow bouquet is one of our favourites). Those beautiful bunches of blooms in the doorway of Liberty London? That’s all down to Nikki.

“The happier we are in life, the happier we feel,” says Nikki. And of midlife? “For me it’s not a time to stop and slow down, it’s a time to really let my creativity flow and an opportunity for me to meet inspiring and fascinating people.”

Nikki does that by running her business and her charity, through which she rescues and re-homes dogs around the world. Here is what keeps Nikki thriving in midlife.

Tea Pigs Earl Grey tea bags, £3.89


I’ve never been a coffee drinker but I absolutely love tea, in particular Earl Grey. I start everyday with a cup of Tea Pigs black Earl Grey as I walk around the field at my home in West Sussex with my dogs.

I particularly enjoy a cuppa with a rich tea biscuit or two! It’s not always easy to get Earl Grey when I’m out and about so I always keep a packet in my bag just in case.

My favourite brand is Tea Pigs as they use a light bergamot blended with darjeeling. The packaging and tea bag is also plastic free which is really important: I only found out recently that some tea bags are made from plastic. An added bonus is the little dachshund on the packaging!

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Lyma Vitamins, £199 for 30 days


Generally I’m quite bad at remembering to take my vitamins. I buy them with good intentions but they sit in the packet. Since I heard about Lyma Vitamins I’m pleased to say I’ve been taking them every day.

Lyma has everything I need in one tablet and helps me to feel balanced. My days are mostly packed with meetings and events when I’m in London so they keep me feeling myself. My skin feels radiant and my hair is in better condition. Plus I love the gold pot – it’s very sleek and like my Earl Grey goes everywhere with me in my bag.

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My rescue dogs and Wild at Heart Foundation, £priceless

Nikki Tibbles

I founded my charity Wild at Heart Foundation five years ago to end the suffering of stray dogs all over the world. I strongly believe that each and every rescue dog deserves the chance to live a healthy, happy life, free from the threat of pain, suffering, cruelty or neglect.

I currently have four rescue dogs, Lenny from Spain, Ronnie from Romania and Ruby and Rita from Puerto Rico. I can honestly say that my dogs are my life. They keep me happy and keep me sane. They lift my mood and make my house a home. I couldn’t be without them.

My dream day is walking for hours on the South Downs with my dogs and having a picnic in a field taking in the view and watching the dogs play together. 

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Camilla Lashes, full set from £380

Camilla lashes

I don’t wear much makeup but I make sure I have fabulous eyelashes. My daily routine generally is get up, have a shower, apply moisturiser and lip gloss and I’m out the door. My lashes give me the confidence to do that.

I’ve been going to Camilla for years and I’m never disappointed. It takes a lot of trust to have someone so close to your eyes! What I like about Camilla is that she specialises in making eyelash extensions look natural and real and of course they are cruelty free. Each set is designed specifically for me, to suit my look and fit in with my lifestyle. It’s a luxury I know but it makes my life easier and gives me confidence so they are worth every penny.

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Energy Healing at Neuroprocare, price on application


I go to Jerome Poupel for a complete holistic treatment for energy and healing. I broke my shoulder two years ago and I’ve had multiple back issues so Jerome is a miracle worker. He literally keeps me sane.

Seeing Jerome improves my mood and makes my body function like it never has before. I couldn’t live without him. He really is amazing. I see him every week in London. What I love about Jerome is he is different to any back specialist I have ever used before. He’s so passionate and really loves what he does. Seeing him is an essential part of my week – not only to help with existing injuries but to prevent future ones.

He’s worked with the best thoroughbred horses in the world as well as rugby players, formula one drivers and pro golfers so I know I’m in good hands.

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