My Midlife Survival Kit: Pearl Lowe

A midlife crisis in women can strike in the menopause years. We’ve all been there. Pearl Lowe shares the things that get her through

A midlife crisis in women is something that we think a lot about here at Hylda. We know that these midlife years are challenging, but we also believe that they are filled with adventure and possibility.
We want to inspire all midlife women to age well and to power into their midlife years. To that end, we’ve asked some of our favourite midlifers what are the things that keep them powering. If there is such a thing as a midlife crisis in women, what is in their midlife survival kit?
For fashion and textiles designer Pearl Lowe, her kit includes an age-defying cleanser, a good helping of vitamin D3 and her own design of best-selling dress.


Vitamin D3

I’ve been taking these Life Extension vitamins D3 supplements for the past 10 years and I absolutely swear by them. Whenever anyone I know comes down with the flu, it seems to pass me by. I did once get sick a few years ago now and I realised that it must have been because I had run out of the vitamin D3 pills.

The doctor who recommended I start taking them said to me that they were the one thing that he prescribes to all of his patients, whatever their age, young or old.


Dr Sebagh

I have been using this brilliant foaming cleanser by Dr Sebagh for many years now, after a friend recommended that I try it. She said that it tightened her skin – and she also looked years younger than her age!

It’s a two-in-one, deep cleansing and toning formula, which helps to purify the skin. I always use it as part of my daily skincare routine. It really uplifts my skin and it tightens it, too. I honestly can’t think of using anything else now that I have discovered this. It makes me feel almost young.


Pearl Lowe Marilyn Dress

I’ve been designing my own clothes since leaving London 15 years ago. In 2017, I started selling them from my own website. I used to only wear vintage dresses, but I found the fabrics uncomfortable and they tore really easily. It’s great that I can now design the exact dress I want to wear, in the fabric I want it in.

My bestselling dress is called Marilyn and I’ve sold hundreds of it. My friend said it’s allowed her to put on two stone without anyone noticing! Customers seem to come back every season and buy it in all colours. It makes me feel so good whenever I wear it, too. I’m wearing it today in a Liberty print wool.


Becoming Magic

I discovered this book a couple of years ago and it has completely transformed both my personal and business life. Genevieve tried and tested the law of attraction and found some flaws, so she spent years studying how she could work it into her life. The results were huge and reading how she changed her own life makes it much more relatable.

With all self-help books though, they work while you’re reading them, but as soon as you put them down it’s harder to keep it all going. So I’ve also signed up to Genevieve’s online course. I highly recommend her as someone to follow.

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