My Midlife Survival Kit: Dr Louise Newson

Menopause GP and founder of the Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre, Dr Louise Newson, swears by yoga, Vitamin D and her Ottolenghi cookbooks to keep her happy in the midlife crisis years

Many of us experience the anxiety and low moods that can strike in the perimenopause years. It’s a midlife crisis that most of us didn’t see coming. So how do women keep sane, happy and confident? We’ve asked some of our favourite women to share their midlife crisis survival kit.

Menopause GP and all-round women’s health powerhouse Dr Louise Newson takes us through her essentials.

Manduka yoga mat, £38 

midlife survival kit

My travel yoga mat is definitely in my midlife survival kit and goes everywhere with me. Doing regular ashtanga yoga really helps me physically and mentally. When I am on my yoga mat I can really focus just on myself and clear my mind. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Viridian Vitamin D3, £15

midlife survival kit

I have taken Vitamin D for many years and will continue to do so. Taking Vitamin D has many effects including to our bones, brain and immune function. It is very cheap and readily available.

Ottolenghi Simple, £27

midlife survival kit

Any recipe book by the fabulous Yotam Ottolenghi. His recipes bring joy to my heart and soul! He is a culinary genius and has transformed the way I eat.

Apple iPhone XR, £499

midlife survival kit

I’d be lost without my iPhone and access to Instagram. My Instagram account was hacked recently and deleted, which has been devastating. This has been a really easy way for me to connect each day with 1000s of women globally, who are suffering needlessly with menopausal symptoms.

I now post from @themenocharity and this is my way of giving as many women as possible free and up to date information about the menopause and women’s future health.

Potent C Skin Care Serum, £65

midlife survival kit

I have recently discovered the amazing Potent C Skin Care Serum by Belgravia Dermatology London. It’s a powerful vitamin and antioxidant serum, packed full of active ingredients and backed by scientific evidence. This has really reduced my need for buying other products and really works.

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