My Midlife Survival Kit: Paula Froelich

Professional explorer and champion of solo travel for women, Paula Froelich’s midlife survival kit is as individual and inspiring as she is. We love it.

Solo travel for women is a passion and way of life for journalist and best selling author Paula Froelich. We love midlife women who challenge society’s perceptions of what we can do and achieve at this time of life. We all know that midlife is a brilliant time – and Paula’s work and attitude proves it. 

A former deputy editor of the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column, senior correspondent for Newsweek and White House featured speaker, Paula is an intrepid and inspiring midlife woman.

Sharing the best solo travel for women

Paula is the founder of the award-winning travel series and website, A Broad Abroad. If adventure travel with an emphasis on sole female adventuring is your thing, then Paula is your woman.

When she’s not trekking to see the mountain guerillas in Rwanda or road-testing a capsule hotel in Tokyo, what keeps Paula sane and happy?

She shares her midlife survival kit.

Tielle Savoy duck feather and down pillows, from $56.25

Tielle Savoy pillows

The older I get, the more I need my sleep. A great pillow is a must. I have had a long, several year (!) search for the best pillow, spending hundreds on down, faux down and memory foam pillows in my quest.

I finally found the one that makes every night a dream. Tielle pillows, made in England, are found in several luxury hotels and while I had to pay extra to get them to the States, they are worth every red cent. Trust.

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Tweefontaine Botanical Face Serum, $15

Tweefontaine Botanical Face Serum

I found this product while staying at a friend’s house in New Paltz, NY. I admit I mocked her when she suggested going to a “farm owned by witches”, which was full of crystals, sage and the like.

I now eat my words. The face serum is the best thing I have ever put on my face and not only hydrates my skin, it makes me glow like a unicorn in heat. That is a good thing.

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Soda Stream, from $80.99

Soda Stream

I was never a water drinker. Growing up, I lived near a polluted river and water was just not done.

However, things change and now water is, indeed, life. The older I get, the more hydrated I need to be at all times, but yet, plain water doesn’t do it for me. Enter Soda Stream. I now drink up to six liters a day (carbonated) and feel like a new woman, all because of this magical little invention.

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Peloton, from $1,895


There are so many things women’s magazines never told me, including the fact that my insane, awesome metabolism would go on the fritz around 46. No longer can I eat anything I want or drink copious amounts of rosé with a blasé attitude. Those days are long gone.

While I am late to the whole daily exercise routine, I am making up for lost time. These days I look forward to hopping on my Peloton, riding either to an instructor or as I watch yet another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I feel my muscles grow stronger by the minute. The pounds are slower to shed, but I feel great and during the long COVID days, it actually made me feel like I accomplished something, which is saying a lot.

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Dr Jon Turk, $POA

Dr Jon Turk

Unless you’re a Kardashian, no one is supposed to admit to going to a plastic surgeon. But having a good one in your Rolodex is a necessity, especially if you’re a former longtime smoker and you have certain genetic predispositions – like saddle bags under the eyes you could take to Trader Joe’s.

Dr. Turk is a New York legend for a reason. In one session he cleared up the vertical lines that were starting to form around my lips from decades of smoking. In another, he sucked out the bags under my eyes. I now look like the old (new) me again and not permanently exhausted or stressed all the time.

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