Suffering from dry skin and itchy skin in menopause? From the best lotions for dry menopausal skin to the healthiest bath salts for a relaxing, soothing soak, we’ve got you covered.

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360 Oil Free Gel SPF 50

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Aromatherapy Associates
Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Bath And Shower Oil

Anthelios Age Correct SPF 50
La Roche Posay

Anthelios Age Correct SPF50

menopause and anxiety

Beat The Blues Shower and Bath Oil

Aromatherapy Associates

Inner Strength Roller Ball

Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion

Transforming Body Lotion


Moroccan Rose Otto Firming Crème Riche

Deep Relax Mind Bath & Shower Oil,
Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Mind Bath & Shower Oil

“I put essential oils on my feet and the back of my neck just before I go to sleep. At the moment I’m loving Aromatherapy Associates pure essential oils.” Michelle Feeney, founder, Floral Street.
Floral Street
Floral Street

Wild Vanilla Orchid Body Cream

“The scent lasts all day without being too overpowering and makes me feel comforted but confident.” Michelle Feeney, founder, Floral Street.
Floral Street

Sunflower Pop Eau de Parfum

“At the moment I’m spritzing our new Sunflower Pop because it echoes my vibrant and expressive personality.” Michelle Feeney, founder, Floral Street.
Miss Dior
Miss Dior

Original Eau de Toilette

“I love this. I first started to use it on a holiday in Italy many years ago and I have worn it ever since.” Alexandra Shulman, former editor in chief, Vogue.

Vitamin Supplements

“For me, it is the ultimate antidote to the stress of modern-day life.” Azzi Glasser, Perfumer.