New: Our YouTube Series on Symptoms of the Menopause

symptoms of the menopause
Our new YouTube series of 25 videos with Dr Stephanie Goodwin, covers everything you need to know about symptoms of the menopause.

Sharing knowledge and understanding about symptoms of the menopause is a key mission for us. The more that we all know about the health challenges of this time of life, the better we can deal with them and get on other far more interesting things. Because midlife is a brilliant time of life, but symptoms of the menopause are undoubtedly challenging for many women.

Which is why we are so happy to have launched our YouTube series of 25 videos, covering your most frequently asked questions about symptoms of the menopause. They are brilliant (though we do say so ourselves).

Here’s just one of our new videos, with our brilliant medical advisor, GP and menopause specialist Dr Stephanie Goodwin, answering the question: What Is The Perimenopause?

Want to see more? Head over to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find Dr Steph’s videos on each of the most common menopause symptoms (including hot flushes and anxiety), everything you need to know about HRT (including the truth about HRT and breast cancer) and how menopause affects your libido and your sex life.

Our videos are created by women like you, for women like you.This last point is crucial. Us midlifers are very much in our prime, but you’d never know it if you typed “menopause symptoms” into YouTube. Cue a sea of faces of exhausted-looking women, usually yawning and looking defeated by the woes of midlife. Or even worse, cringey cartoons that bear no relation to any of the fabulous midlifers we know.

Well, not on our watch.

Our menopause and perimenopause videos are all presented by Dr Steph. Many of you will know her from the regular Midlife Health & Menopause Clinics that we host with her on @wearehylda. You can find them all on our IGTV. 

Dr Steph is knowledgeable, empathetic and straight-talking. She explains the facts about menopause and perimenopause, and talks through the symptoms.

Whether your question is “What are the 34 symptoms of menopause”, “how long does menopause last” or “what is the average age of menopause”, Dr Steph has the answers. 

See you on YouTube. 

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