From MPowered to Hylda. A New Era

As we change our name from MPowered Women to Hylda, our co founder Saska explains why we’re excited about what’s coming next.

You may have noticed a few changes around here. We’ve rebranded MPowered Women to Hylda.

When we launched MPowered Women in 2019, not many people were talking about menopause. But we knew that women needed information and inspiration to power through the hormonal ups and downs of these years. 

Working with some of the UK’s leading menopause experts like Dr Stephanie Goodwin and Dr Louise Newson, as well as Mary Jane Minkin MD in the US, MPowered Women was launched as a resource for women, packed with evidence-based medical advice.

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We’ve grown up fast

Fast forward three years and it’s wonderful to see how the menopause conversation has grown. With celebrities like Davina McCall leading the way, the topic is now a high profile conversation, and women are starting to get the medical support they need. (Although there’s still a lot of work to be done.)

Our community is growing too, with thousands of women from around the world supporting each in our private Facebook group Women With Ambition, Attitude and Brain Fog, and connecting via Instagram.

We are incredibly proud of the part we’ve played in amplifying the menopause conversation.

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The start of a new chapter

Of course, midlife needs are broader than ‘just’ solving the menopause issue. It’s a time that triggers a new set of questions and opportunities in women’s lives. We’ve been doing a lot more than focusing on menopause for a while, and finding a new name was a logical extension of our overall vision to help women take the brakes off midlife.

So, welcome to Hylda, a beauty and wellness platform for midlife women. The menopause expertise our community loves remains, and we are building on it with beauty and wellbeing information using the same principles — expert-led and stories from other inspiring women.

A Hylda woman is our kind of woman

For those of you wondering about the name: In Danish mythology, the Hylde Moer is the Elder Mother, a protective spirit living in the Elder tree – she’s a wise woman. In Germanic and Old Norse mythology, Hilde is a battle woman and a comrade in arms — she’s a woman’s woman. In Medieval English, St Hilda is a 7th Century Abbess, patroness of learning and culture — she’s an empathetic woman.

Meet Hylda. Strong. Always on the side of women. Ambitious for her next act and the perfect woman to have a glass of wine with.

We’ve got a lot planned for Hylda and all the Hylda women around the world. The best is yet to come.

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