My Sleep Kit: Ranvir Singh

3am starts and the pressures of morning TV mean that Ranvir is a pro when it comes to restful sleep. Bring on meditation, lots of water and, er, tomatoes! All will be explained…

Her day job might be on Good Morning Britain, but Ranvir Singh, 44, captured the nation’s hearts with her Strictly Come Dancing turn in 2020. Together with dance partner Giovanni Pernice, she reached the semi finals, with midlife women the country over cheering her on. 

Out of her dancing shoes, the journalist and broadcaster is the political editor and deputy presenter of ITV’s Good Morning Britain and the presenter of ITV’s consumer show Eat, Shop, Save

Dealing with early morning starts and the pressure to look good on camera first thing, Ranvir knows a thing or two about good sleep. She shares the products and habits that keep her rested and sane – chopped tomatoes included.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, £4.01

Garnier Micellar water

I can’t deny it, doing a job like mine plays havoc with your sleep patterns. For GMB I often have to get up at 3am. When I was the political editor, I had the luxury of a lie-in until 4am – I know how bonkers that sounds. Luckily, I find my job so stimulating, it’s not stressful.

I like to go to bed by 8pm and have a completely clean face – it’s essential to feel ready for sleep. I wear loads of make up on telly so a good cleanser like Garnier Micellar cleansing water works for me.

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Calm meditation, seven-day free trial

Calm meditation

Meditation has a really special place in my life and I do it daily. It’s my experience that it pays to be able to calm your mind. For me, meditation helps so much with focus in the day as well as deep rest by night. In fact my son, Tushaan who is nine, also loves to do it with me.

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Anya Hindmarch Eyes water bottle, £45

Anya water bottle

Dehydration is the enemy of your skin, brain and general health. I drink tons of water all day and before going to sleep and i have a glass next to my bed. I don’t drink much alcohol or smoke so I think H2O may be the key to my wellness and lack of brain fog. I certainly drink my eight glasses a day easily.

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111Skin rose gold illuminating eye mask, from £12


I’m a huge fan of these 111Skin Illuminating Eye Masks – strictly speaking they’re in my “wake up” rather than my “sleep” kit! Because I get up in the middle of the night, I pop one on as soon as I get up and wear it in the back of the car into the studio before heading to the make-up chair. It really helps with cooling eyes as well as reducing any bags or darkness under my eyes. 

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Mutti chopped tomatoes, £7 for six cans

Mutti tomatoes

Presenting ITV’s Eat, Shop, Save has really taught me all about cooking ahead to make your week a whole lot easier. There is nothing more relaxing than a home cooked meal with my son – and we do share the same bedtime!

I tend to make a big job lot batch on a Sunday and have healthy food for the week. A favourite is a versatile garlic and tomato sauce that I can pop on pizza or make with pasta. It’s wholesome, fast and there is no sugar involved. Also, tomatoes contain the hormone balancing melatonin which actually helps you rest, recover and regenerate.

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